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Introducing ProgrammaticIQ, the industry's only fully automated platform with Smart Connections™ that allows you to easily manage, transform, and analyze your advertising data all in one place.
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Your advertising data, all in one place

ProgramamticIQ Smart Connecitons
Smart Connections
ProgrammaticIQ Custom Fields
Custom Fields
ProgrammaticIQ Universal Advertiser
Universal Advertiser
ProgrammaticIQ Dynamic Dashboards
Dynamic Dashboards
Eliminate manual tasks with automated aggregation of daily metrics.
Improve business intelligence to allow for optimization of strategy.
Gain a holistic view of your sales channels.
Identify top advertisers to generate new sales leads.
Streamline issue identification, communication, and troubleshooting.
Easily measure performance across all of your demand sources.
Identify which ad partners provide the most valuable unique demand.

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