Ad-Juster Programmatic Scorecard

The Definitive Standard in Data + Analytics for Publishers

Shining light on essential data for publishers.

This scorecard evaluates the top 10 programmatic demand partners based on how well they meet Minimum Viable Reporting (MVR) standards, or the essential data needs publishers require to grow their business. Vendors are evaluated across 7 data-related categories including availability of fields, consolidated reporting, and data variances.

Our goal is to empower publishers to make informed decisions about whom to partner with and what each partners’ data capabilities are.

MVR answers three important questions for digital publishers:

  • Am I able to get all of the data that I need to manage and grow my business?
  • Am I able to get those data in a format that can be integrated with my workflow?
  • Am I able to get the data in an automated way that scales with my growth?

Dan Lawton


Ad-Juster, Inc.

April Kitcho-Lucero

Director, Product UX & Marketing


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